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At KC Peaches we are proud of our wholefood, fresh, all natural ethos. We offer daily deliveries to ensure the absolute freshest and most sustainable products. We serve all natural, nutritious wholefood made from scratch in our Urban Kitchens in Dublin. Our central location supports our drive to reduce our carbon footprint while catering to our clients and restaurants.

Learn more about our coffee programme here.

Menu design

Our menus are curated by our Executive Head Chef, Key Account Manager, Site Manager and our CEO to ensure we are using the best locally sourced seasonal produce whilst taking advantage of latest food trends. Our site managers ensure our menus reflect your tastes and needs and we test all our products in our high street stores before rolling out to client sites, ensuring you experience only the best menu offerings.


Food that fuels you

Our food is designed to be not only delicious but also nutritious. All our food is made from scratch using only all natural ingredients to keep you fuelled for longer and promotes sustained  productivity. We work with a professional nutritionists to design dishes that are positively impactful to your health and wellbeing. We believe in serving food that makes you feel good, not guilty.


International cuisine

We are greatly influenced by global cuisine and regularly avail of the local food knowledge of our international staff members, who come from all over the world. As a team we undertake continual research and brainstorming sessions both at home and selectively abroad to bring the best ideas to our catering sites.  Our Pop-Up  brands celebrate our passion for global food.



Our promise to providing only the best quality food led us to build a catering offering that centres around the finest raw ingredients. 

Why does it matter where our produce comes from?

  • By supporting local farm production we acknowledge the 'face' behind the food

  • It allows us access to seasonal produce and the unique flavours and diversity of local crops

  • It allows us to support our local food economy

  • We cut down on fuel used through transportation, and in turn reduce the impact on our carbon footprint

  • Because local produce is fresher and better

  • It allows us to support and maintain world class Irish heritage produce

KC Peaches partners with our suppliers to educate and inspire our customers and clients about the outstanding quality and benefits of local products, and promote our philosophy of 'Eat Well, Live Well'. We believe that by nurturing supplier relationships we can provide the best ingredients possible to our customers. All our supplies and supply chain can provide full traceability on all products used in our business. 

A number of our key suppliers are Origin Green certified.


Let's work together

A member of our amazing catering team is available to discuss your catering needs and work with you to help determine the best possible solution for you and your team. 

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