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Our food is not only designed to be delicious but also nutritious. We create food that makes you feel good, not guilty. Find out more about our food here.

Promoting healthy eating and nutrition

We believe that everyone should be able to access a well-balanced diet of freshly prepared foods made from all natural ingredients and cooked with care by skilled culinary professionals every day.

Our unique operating model and central urban kitchen allow us to serve foods made from scratch with consistency by a team of chefs who are passionate about nutritional and inspirational foods. Our ethos of fresh and local wholefoods is our way of promoting a healthy working environment for all our clients.


Working with consultants

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing fresh, wholesome and nutritionally analysed foods, KC Peaches partners with nutritional consultants. We work with consultants who are highly experienced in the food and beverage industry and provide an extensive range of services around nutrition, health and wellness, marketing communications and product development. This enables us to create new menus, with on trend ingredients and intentional flavours.



We also partner with pioneer food producers such as PLANTIT; a plant based meat company that produce a range of alternative protein dishes   Think non-chicken goujons, fish and more, KC Peaches plant based menu gives our clients a different range of non meat based options.


Nutrient boosting

Our menus are designed to maximise nutrition. We offer a range of mood boosting foods that promote performance throughout the day, perfect for snacking or quick meals on the go. Our range includes homemade products such as raw peanut butter bars with dark chocolate, and incredible Greek yoghurt parfait pots with in-house produced coulis and granola.

Sliced Avocado
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